Post Isolation, What Will That Look Like?

Well we are certainly living in uncertain times and while we are eagerly awaiting the release of our freedoms the question lingers “what is the world going to look like post virus? Will it be business as usual or will life as we knew it never be the same again? I personally think things will never go back the way they were, the unemployment worldwide is too high, too many businesses closed down and would be nearly impossible to re-open. Depending on what country you are from there have been some really good stimulus packages but they will soon run out, what then?

If we have a really good look at what has happened not only can we see the earth rejuventing itself but literally everyone has been forced online. Now whether you believe in the agendas or not (I do), you can ignore the fact that we have become less reliant on people and way more reliant on technology. I personally think business and industry will not return to the way things were, I think those who are lucky enough to be working at home will continue to work from home. Wages can be lowered, there are no overheads if there is no office or work place, you an connect through computers and accountability, thanks to technology won’t be a problem. It’s quit scary to think we can as quickly as a blink of an eye be taken from society and placed online with no people around us, just a virtual reality.

It’s not all bad though because with this new way of life comes great opportunity in the form of online business, whether it is direct sales or network marketing, inventing, creating or teaching, there is opportunity everywhere. There is someone somewhere wanting what you have so why not monetise it. Start looking around for what could be possible for you, use your stimulus cheque not for bills and stuff, use it wisely, put it towards building a website or doing some facebook ads or educating yourself. Don’t be defeated, get up and get going, find your niche, find what you can offer and BAM you have your business idea. This is going to be the way of the future so why not jump in now and get a head start!

Flapping In The Breeze…

Is it me or is there something quite enticing about sheets flapping in the breeze? I have memories of running through my grandmothers sheets as they hung on the line, the smell, the sun and the air concreting childhood memories in my brain that I would carry through to my own life as grandmother. My grandkids don’t have the same simple pleasure though, they are not interested in running through sheets on the line. Their interests lie more in driving the buggy and playing with the dogs which is more than ok, at least they are outside.

These old fashioned clothes lines are the best, they give plenty of room for plenty of washing and the air circulates freely around the washing. I have always loved these clothes lines, again, another childhood memory. My husband is gracious enough to build me one of these wherever we go and I am very grateful for that. Living on a farm affords us some of life’s simple pleasures which, in these current times is fast becoming, life’s greatest treasures.

What Do You Do In Lockdown?

While we are have heavy restrictions in place in Australia we are certainly by no means as locked down as other countries. We can still go to the shops, and quite frankly a vast majority of our public aren’t taking this nearly as serious enough as they should, however, we still have access to a lot of shops, I mean I can still go to the craft store and buy my wool, which brings me to the next question…..what are you all doing while in lockdown?

I have started to crochet again now I have more time due to losing my job. I am crocheting granny square blankets as this is probably my all time favorite thing to do. I said to my hubby the other day the one thing I really enjoy that I could do all day, our of all the things I do, is crochet. I had a mindset though, that if I admitted to loving crochet that I admit to being an old grandma, I mean, hows that for a really dumb thought process. So here are my blankets so far, there are 4 x 200g balls of wool in each which is $40AUD so it’s not a cheap hobby by any means especially when that only makes a lap blanket but it’s fun nonetheless.

Completed lap blanket, well its just a bit bigger than a lap blanket but it has worked well and I love how the colors worked.

This next blanket is a work in progress for my grandson. I love working with these yarns because there is no changing colors!

Has The World Gone Mad!

Well in the famous words of Alice herself “Have I Gone Mad”, what did I wake up into, how are we seeing this level of fear and panic in an age where we have every technological device and information at our finger tips, yet we ran out of toilet paper, the most basic of supplies. It’s interesting to note what people valued the most!

It’s a difficult time for the entire world and one has to wonder why? I am not going to get into the politics of it all because Lord knows that is the new obsession, and everyone it seems can do a better job than our leaders. What I can say is that in our household there are several things that we have wanted to put into place over the last 5 years and just never have, be it we have been too occupied, too lazy or too bored but the last couple of months have certainly given us a hurry up. We have finally started my vege garden I have been asking for for over 2 years, we nearly have the fence up so we can start digging and preparing the soil, in the meantime the dogs are having a wonderful time digging and crapping all over my soil! We have also stopped buying takeaway food and I now make everything from scratch including our bread (of course I use a bread maker so a bit of a cheat). I am going to try my hand at jam next week and as soon as my tomatoes grow I am going to make relish. It has been a great wake up call to stop wasting so much money, the amount of money we spent on food is ridiculous, mind you, to get us to this point of stocked up has literally cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars but this week was the first week we haven’t had to go to the shops to buy more food and spend a heap of money that is unnecessary. The lessons we are relearning are fascinating really, right down to just enjoying some peace and quiet and giving our brains time to rest. I lost my job this week, but we still have my husbands income, yes it will get a little tight again but we have done this before and we can do it again. I can say one thing tho, the more money you have the more you waste!

Covid-19 has made us mindful of where the things we buy are being made, in Australia we have a big movement Buy Australian Made & Owned and this is the way we have been buying for some time but we do get a little lax sometimes, this has made us even more conscious as to how we spend our money and where. We are supporting local grown and made products more now, whereas we used to just go to the supermarket for everything, now we buy as much as we can in the smaller locally grown stores even if it means driving around a bit more. ‘Support local’ is our new mantra. Life hasn’t changed drastically for us because living on a property you are semi isolated anyway, you only go to town when you need to.

My children are having a tougher time however with my son being stuck in a different state due to border restrictions as he works interstate, my daughters are finding it difficult not being able to go anywhere and take the kids out but they are adjusting. One daughter lives on a farm also so at least she has plenty to do and they are self sufficient as well. My other daughter is immume compromised so she is actually self isolated except when she has her infusions. As humans we adjust. I see SO many people all over social media whingeing and bitching about being in lockdown and not being able to do this or that, complaining how bad their leaders are doing things and everybody is a bloody expert. I think I would much rather a few months of discomfort than a lifetime of ummm DEATH! People honestly need to be less entitled!

So yes we have been effected by the virus but in more positive ways than negative (prayer has a lot to do with this also). I have lost my job but I have gained motivation to get back to basics which is the best thing for our finances and our health. Will we keep this up after this event is over? Yes I think we will, too much work and money has gone into this to stop when things get easy again, and beside, what’s the next pandemic going to look like? I predict this was a precursor and the next one will be worse. Get prepping people and save a whole lot of stress next time!

Below are some pics of the process so far, we are very blessed to be working and living on a property where the owners have heavy machinery available whenever we need it. They look after us very well!

My New Year Decisions….

So I don’t actually make resolutions because I always break them, I feel like resolutions set you up to fail so I call them my New Year Decisions!

This year I have decided I am going to introduce my family to the world of low/no toxic living. The idea behind this is to eliminate as many toxins from our bodies, our environment and our food. This is going to be quite the task because we are the biggest consumers of crap, like literally nothing we eat for example is actually good for us, even salads I like to sprinkle with sugar! Everything we use is from plastic, everything we consume is either loaded with chemicals, plastic, sugar, aspartame, parabens and every other hormone disrupting chemical out there. Time to change!

First things first, I have started using organic hand wash, natural soap and natural makeup. I have chemical free shampoo & conditioner on the way from doTerra and I use essential oils in my diffuser as air purifiers, cleaning agents and much more. I have also ordered an array of cleaning products from doTerra as I feel they are a very trusted source, but there are a tonne of natural products on the market. Washing liquid will be a big struggle for me because I love nice smelling washing so will so how the doTerra stuff goes with that.

Food wise we will struggle, we were meant to start Monday but we have had a super hectic week and I couldn’t deal with low sugar and fruit this week! Our biggest vice is cold coke, we are in the middle of the worst drought in our history at the moment and it’s hot and dry, depressing (we live on a farm) and soul shattering sometimes and a nice cold coke just satisfies a thirst sometimes better than cold water which we also drink plenty of! We love cakes, any processed food, takeaway, chocolate, chips all the bad stuff and trust me when I say this will be a journey of sorts.

The biggest problem in the house is the microwave. I have read that once microwaves have been taken out of houses peoples health has been greatly improved. I won’t be able to take it out yet because my 15 year old will have a fit and so will hubby. Convenience overrides everything else so it would seem!

Why are we doing this? Well my hubby and I carry more weight than we should and at our age it isn’t great to be fat. It puts a burden on your vital organs and invites disease to come and live in your body which I do not want. Menopause is a big problem to me at the moment, it’s like I was doing too well and it’s amped itself up to sent me proper crazy, not happy and such a joy to be around (sarcasm). The symptoms of menopause could be improved with a healthy diet and better gut health so I need to take things seriously. I am getting pretty over feeling sluggish, lethargic, hopeless and just generally uphappy. Menopause plays wicked mind games on you and when you are tired you just don’t have the energy to fight it.

I need to be healthy for my grandchildren and I need to show them by example. I need to teach them other ways of doing things. They are part of the Ipad generation and can I say this, 5 out of 7 have various levels of autism. Maybe there is something in that? Regardless I need to be a better teacher to them, when they grow up things are going to be tough, the world won’t be like it is today, it will be overrun with GMO’s and robots and they won’t know how to survive well (starting to sound like a prepper here lol).

So follow along and see how this progresses, there is a lot for us to do, and getting motivated in this heat can be rather tricky, but I think once we find our momentum this will be one of the best decisions of any new year!

It’s Christmas……

Everyone is rushing around like lunatics, the shelves are stripped, staff are stressed to the max, kids are screaming, mothers are about ready to lose their shit, fathers are at the pub or working to avoid the chaos, traffic is ridiculous, what is it about Christmas that makes everyone nuts.

Correct me if I am wrong but Christmas is the same time very year yeah? We have 51 weeks to prepare for Christmas. Why is it that mothers decide to do their Christmas shopping when school finishes? Why not do it BEFORE they have to drag a thousand kids to the shopping centre, I just don’t get it. I am starting to sound like the Grinch, just call me Grinchma!

People are coming out in droves asking for handouts, free food, presents they have had a tough year. Once upon a time I used to feel so sorry for these people, but my youngest daughter who is chronically ill, has 3 kids, and they do it tough every year because there is no work here, she plans ahead. She plans A YEAR ahead so she makes sure her kids always have a great Christmas. She said to me a few weeks ago Christmas is the same time every year, I can plan for this. She doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink nor does her husband, they have medical costs to pay. So why is it that the ones asking for help, working the system, and taking advantage of people’s kindness and Christmas spirit, ALL SMOKE! Cigarettes are extremely expensive, upwards of $40 a packet these days, for a pack of 30’s, 40’s & 50’s are even dearer, so they still smoke but can’t afford presents or food for their kids. Listen, I know what I am talking about, I used to smoke, heavily, well over $100 per week, and that is before the massive tobacco tax came in and put the prices up. I GAVE IT UP! It was that or cut down on groceries! So while there are a lot of genuine people out there doing it tough, I see the same ones every year asking for the handouts.

Let’s give some high fives to the staff that have to endure these droves of people who are scurrying around like ants preparing for a flood. Let’s tell them what a great job they are doing smiling at everyone even when they are being abused constantly about the lines and how long customers have to wait, lets take our hats off to the staff who are working under conditions that make the rest of us cringe.

Look, I know it’s a ‘thing’ to have to battle the crowds at Christmas, but wouldn’t it be wiser to get sorted during the year. I put the kids things on layby this year back in October and had it all sorted by November, I mean that was probably even too late, but I have done it all online which saves a lot of anxiety and wasted time.

Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas, but I am sure we could all try and do it a bit easier, if we shopped during the year we would have less stress, more money and more time to prepare. Just a thought!

Image result for christmas chaos

What’s The Go With……..

Dancing on Live videos on Facebook and Instagram? Am I missing something here? Am I really that old that I am the stupid one that thinks this type of thing is dumb? Like enlighten me, please……

I see so many women doing this, or lip syncing or striking a pose or whatever stirs their heart, but I fail to understand why? I am not one bit interested in watching you pull some really dumb moves that is I guess supposed to make you some sort of dance guru? Too harsh? Maybe I AM too old for social media, maybe I am too old for videos and trying to keep up with the young ones because there is no way in hell I am going to start busting a move on social media in case I get few more followers who think my moves are pretty slick.

I don’t mean to criticize either because I am about encouraging women not berating them, but I like to encourage women to be ladies, be strong in who they are, be gentle and kind, modest and happy, NOT having to keep up with peer pressure and bust out stupid moves on Facebook.

Ok I’m done, I hope I haven’t offended anyone, I am just saying it how I see it and to me it looks dumb. If you love doing this, keep doing it, don’t stop because of my opinions, they are just that, ‘opinions’. If it brings you joy, then my hat comes off to you, but if you are doing to get followers please stop.

Climate Change?

Yeah I know it’s a bit risky bringing up the subject of Climate Change but I will be real quick with my thoughts on the matter. Ok here goes……..

Climate – definition – the weather condition prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.

Change – make or become different.

So I would be correct in saying the Climate Change actually means that your general weather in your area becomes different? Stay with me…..

In our area, for which I have been a resident for 37 years, we have always had super hot summers, drought, severe storms and the like. Every season has been the same since I can remember. It seems to me to be hotter yes, but I am older, air conditioning is readily available in cars, houses, workplaces and schools which conditions our bodies to artificial cooling (which I can’t live without now) and not the heat we were once accustomed to. Back in the day we were lucky to have fans, we used to bathe regularly in cold water or just sit under the sprinkler. Nowadays we will burn to a crisp just walking from the house to the car. Could it be that WE as a species have changed? Could it be that WE have become soft?

Anyway I would have thought Climate Change would be the climate actually CHANGING, which means my area would be covered in snow and ice and not the friggin heat wave that we get every single damn year! Bring on Climate Change, bring on the snow, bring on some cooler damn weather and bring on a White Christmas!

Some Life Lessons Along The Way….

It’s been a hectic time of late. Tomorrow is our last day in our office that my aunt has had for the past 20 years. Lots of tears, joy, sorrows, victories and losses have happened in that office and I dare say it will be a hard day for her. She is nearly 80, it’s time to let go of the reins and start to take things easy, she won’t retire altogether, it’s too hard for her, real estate is in her veins, without it she would have no pulse. She will have a month off over Christmas and then we start to work from home. It seems that technology is now leading many agents to be able to work from home without the expense and the distraction of running your own office. I will become her P.A. which suits me fine, I hate real estate, I did it for many many years prior to my big break which lasted 11 years, I hated it then and I still hate it now. I am there because she needs me, I am there because I know real estate like the back of my hand, but most importantly I am there to help her, to help her do the things that were once easy for both of us but are now challenging for one of us. I know God has me there for a reason and no amount of whingeing or bitching on my behalf is going to change that. I just need to trust in His plan and know that this is bigger than me.

This past 2 days has seen 3 women coming in who are behind in their rent, we manage storage shed facilities, and like everything when you get behind it’s just so hard to get caught up again. These women are homeless, can’t find anywhere to live, housing is in short supply in this area and more and more people are having trouble and end up living in their cars. Children and being split up and mothers going from couch to couch just to have somewhere to sleep. These people aren’t drug addicts or people with mental health issues, these people have jobs, they have good rental references but these days that is just not enough. The sad thing is it’s always women. I do my best to buy them time but I wish I could do more, I wish I could afford to pay the rent for them but I can’t. We have been close to that position ourselves, we have never been homeless, always had parents to live with, but absolutely zero money and little food. I look back at my early years and feel so much mum remorse for my kids, I was a child having children, no idea on how to do that right, no idea on how my actions would effect my kids for the rest of their lives, I bury this deep, but I failed them so much as children. I try and make up for it in their adult years, and we are a very close family but they are as good as they are not from me or their father, but by the grace of God. Being in this position and seeing so many people doing it tough at this time of the year is really life affirming, makes you stand up and think that your life isn’t so bad after all, bucketing water to the toilet because your pipes have burst isn’t as bad as not having a toilet at all, having an older car is not as bad as walking, having a tiny weeny little house to live in is better than not having one at all. Having to work in the heat is better than not having a job. You know, it’s what and how your prioritize things in life I guess. It is definitely humbling.

So as the Americans enter their Thanksgiving season, I don’t think it really hurts for the rest of the world to join in on an American tradition. It’s no wonder they are a mighty nation, every year they have dedicated a whole day to giving thanks! Gratitude is the fastest way to living fulfilled in your current space regardless of what that looks like. Remember be grateful for what you have because there is someone out there praying for that very thing.


When people talk of consistency what do they actually mean? Consistently good or consistently bad? I have done so much business training that after a while it gets confusing. I have not got a 6 figure income as most of them promise, actually I have had to go back to work because nothing seems to be working. So consistency is the key……..hmmmmm……I’m consistent, hell yeah I am consistent……..

Consistently comparing my results to others
Consistently paying money for training
Consistently failing
Consistently doing all the things with no result
Consistently wishing I had someone else’s life

Does that count? Looking at that list I could probably add consistently negative! So it seems consistency for me is failure BUT there is a silver lining to that though……

I consistently never give up
I consistently try
I consistently look for new ideas
I consistently try new things
I consistently encourage others to keep trying
I consistently believe that one day I will have the result I need

So consistency can be good or bad it just depends on the way you look at things and perceive them. I know that sooner or late breakthrough is coming and it is just round the corner. Consistency IS the key as all business trainers will tell you, consistency gives you purpose, direction and focus regardless of which direction you are taking the consistency.

Well they are my thoughts for the day!

Always Be Kind

I am going to be brutally honest here and tell you when I was younger I was such a shit. I judged people harshly, I used to criticise people for being homeless, ugly, lazy and just horrible. I would never think anyone has been through a hard time, or lost family or homes, I never thought people doing it tough were broken, scared or feeling immeasurable pain. Nope I was an asshole, and it probably stemmed from my own crappy life at the time. I hated life, I didn’t want to live past 40 and if I suffer so should everyone else.


It hasn’t been an easy road to niceness, God has had his hands full teaching me some valuable lessons, but luckily His hands are big. These days I have a tonne of compassion towards people. I have found even in this job, that people will react better to kindness than they will if you are going to bounce them. One of my jobs is to chase up tenant arrears. Some tenants can get quit hostile and come barging into the office ready to rip you a new one, but if you show them some understanding and kindness that situation can be diffused really quickly. When I was younger a reactive situation would have just gotten worse and nothing would resolve except 2 parties feeling a lot worse than when they woke up that morning.

I have also found that you feel good inside when you are nice to people. We were made to be nice not horrid and our inner spirit jumps for joy every time we are nice. Do you get that? Do you get that happy feeling when you are nice to someone? It’s a revelation to me I gotta tell you and whether you are a Faith person or not the result will be the same. Try being nice to someone even when you know they don’t deserve it and see how it makes you feel. By smiling at a stranger you just don’t know what impact you may have on their day!

Can Essential Oils Make You Smarter?

Can smelling essential oils make you smarter? The
answer may shock you. But before you continue reading
this email for the results, I want you to take a
good sniff of some rosemary essential oil and see for

Nourishment, circulation, and the amount of oxygen in
the brain are all very critical for it to function on
a healthy level. Nearly everything in our daily lives
requires appropriately stable mental health. We deal
with stress, exhaustion, mental fatigue, poor concentration,
and even disease. The struggle is real, and the nose knows.
But essential oils are on our side, and they can actually
help us fight these battles.

Research suggests there are a number of essential oils that
are beneficial in supporting brain health and cognitive
skills. Scientists, such as Dr. David Steward featured in
Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils the Movie, believe various
aromas affect brain function because scent receptors in the
nose send messages to the amygdala, which controls emotional
health and well being, as well as the hippocampus, which is
the control center for memory.

The next time you have an exam or a major project to focus on,
try these essentials oils and let your mental gears get going!
It just makes sense.

5 Essential Oils that Support Brain Health

In Ancient Greece, young men and women wore rosemary in their
hair to improve mental performance for their studies. William
Shakespeare even made a reference to rosemary in his famous
play, Hamlet, when Ophelia utters, “There’s rosemary, that’s for
remembrance.” Rosemary has an energizing aroma that improves
mental clarity and memory abilities, making it an oil that is
essential for staying clever.
According to the Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology,
researchers from Northumbria University in the UK set out to add
to this knowledge by testing the effects of rosemary oil on
volunteers’ mood and mental abilities. 20 people were asked to
perform subtraction exercises and other tasks to see how quickly
they could process new information before and after being exposed
to the scent of rosemary in their work stations. Speed and
accuracy were improved by 60-75% after the rosemary.

Not only is lemon oil an invigorating and delicious aroma, it
has many benefits for emotional health. Lemon is known to be
especially good for elevating attitude, mood and spirit, and
helping deal with depression and mood swings. In research performed
at the Laboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry in Shizouka, Japan,
Lemon essential oil was shown to inhibit memory impairment from
scopolamine exposure, preventing dementia.

If your eyelids are getting heavier, smell a bottle of juniper.
Juniper stimulates all the activities within the body. This effect
also helps overcome fatigue, dizziness and depression, and It
increases the activity of the brain and nervous system. Juniper
berries assist in keeping the brain fit and free of seizures as
well as other such afflictions. It is also very abundant with
Vitamin B as well as Vitamin C, and small quantities of calcium,
protein, carbohydrates, fiber, lipid, and ash.

Clary Sage.
Clary sage gets its name from the Latin word “clarus,” which
means “clear.” It was referred to as “clear eyes” during the
Middle Ages. Clary sage oil is often used to help cope with
anxiety, tension, and is known to improve vision conditions,
or problems such as tired or strained eyes.

In Sri Lanka and India, vetiver essential oil is called “the
oil of tranquility.” Chinese medicine, vetiver oil was also
believed to calm and cool the body and mind and to stabilize
emotions. For these reasons, it was sometimes used as a meditation.
A study carried out in 2012 found that smelling Vétiver enhances
computer work and can produced faster visual reaction times, help
with concentration for those with ADHD, and helps protect the brain
from oxidative damage otherwise known as “free radicals.”  Vetiver
also appears have to be an excellent source of antioxidant activity,
which is crucial for supporting brain cell growth.

We hope that you have enjoyed this information.  Please share it
with others you feel would benefit from reading it and experiencing


Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils Team

PS here is the link to view Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils
while it is available:

This was in my inbox this morning and I thought it was worthy of sharing with you guys!

The movie is worth watching too!!