Well It’s Hanging On…..

Well I am still under the weather with the bloody flu or cold or virus or whatever you want to call it. This is week 2 and it’s relentless.  The cough is absolute crap, it’s exhausting, it hurts, everything is aching now and if you are middle aged you know what else is total shit when you cough uncontrollably in 10 minute increments!  My bloody home remedies haven’t been working as effectively as I would have hoped, which leads me to be thinking these things don’t work nearly as well when you are actually sick as they do when you are well! How does that work? More of those musings in a different post! This is what I have been doing…..

Yep modern medicine from the local shopping centre!  This was the ONLY thing that gave my sore throat any relief AT ALL!  And these….

Again modern medicine from the local store, probably full of chemicals, probably full of sugar but I DON’T CARE! If you are prepared to do the hard yards with a throat full of razor blades hats off to you but this old girl is not!

Next up THE COUGH – my poor boy coughs non stop when he is awake, he isnt sick, he just coughs, NON, bloody Stop! I feel so bad for him and I rub him with oils but the smell of them is now making him sick and he doesn’t want me to put them on him anymore, hmmmm, there must be something to that, aren’t oils meant to make you well?   I found that they worked for about half an hour at a time and honestly that’s not really a great idea to be constantly reapplying oils. I don’t know of the health impacts of that so I have only done it twice a day which I feel is more than enough.  So off to the chemist today to get him some cough medicine, again, modern medicine!

I have been diffusing non stop which I think has worked to some degree, and last night it did actually calm my coughing for while, but it seems once my body got used to breathing it in it became less effective if that’s possible?  I diffuse every day mainly to keep the germs at bay and to get rid of the nasties from the house, which it usually does, but this season its seems the germs are tougher and immune systems are weaker.

My cough however is a bit worse, in that it’s phlegmy and in my chest a bit deeper. I tried ALL the oils, on me, around me and in me and while they may relieve a few symptoms for a very short period of time they are not giving me the relief I need.  I will be getting some cough syrup too!  I really think this is one of those things we are going to have to ride the wave with but I want to just tell you how the oils were going for me.  I gotta say I won’t be telling people to grab their oils if they are feeling sick again.  The oils absolutely work for the emotions and combating germs in the home if you use the right ones, but sickness, hmmmmmm that’s a big question mark for me and there is a subsequent post coming up!

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Hi guys! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am a 53 year old nannee of 7, I live on a farm and I do a lot of things. My main focus these days is sewing and essential oils and encouraging women to become who they were meant to be. I love Jesus and have been known to get 'Gody' every now and then. He is the reason I am where I am today! So visit often and bring your friends I would love to see you all!

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