First Calf of the 2019 Season

Well it’s begun, the 2019 calving season and can I say this is my least favorite time of the year. Calving season almost immediately springs to mind pictures of cute little white faced calves frolicking among wildflowers chasing butterflies doesn’t it? Nothing could be further from the truth. This is the time of the year I feel the most stressed, so much can go wrong and usually does. There will always be that cow that prolapses, or that calf that gets stuck, or the mum that has huge bottle tits that the calf can’t suckle from, or or or. Last year nearly broke me from this life, the sadness and grief I feel when we lose a calf or a mother, or both. The devastation the mother feels when she loses a calf, some mothers don’t care, but some definitely do. And this year is tougher because we have no grass left on this property so a feeding schedule has begun, but that will not be anywhere near the amount of feed a mother needs to sustain milk production for a baby. Ugh, it might just be me, I am probably not cut out for the toughness of this life, and trust me you have to be tough. I absolute admire and respect every farmer out there doing this job, the wives that are working alongside their husbands with little acknowledgement, I SEE YOU!

THEN, there is the cute and cuddly side, when the calves do very well, they run and play, they form clubs and play with their mates, that side of things is awesome and it makes my heart happy. So I guess for every shit time there is a nice time, so it all balances itself out in the long run and really that’s what life is about isn’t it? Balance……..oh and God of course *wink!

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Hi guys! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am a 53 year old nannee of 7, I live on a farm and I do a lot of things. My main focus these days is sewing and essential oils and encouraging women to become who they were meant to be. I love Jesus and have been known to get 'Gody' every now and then. He is the reason I am where I am today! So visit often and bring your friends I would love to see you all!

2 thoughts on “First Calf of the 2019 Season”

  1. Unfortunately, I was one of those who only saw the rainbows and unicorns side of farming. Driving along rural areas with long stretches of meadows with cows and horses grazing peacefully, I imagined it must be very idyllic where people spend the afternoons on their rocking chairs enjoying the view.

    But, wow, after reading your post, I saw the other side of it. It sounds like A LOT of hard work!

    Thank you for sharing bits of your life here. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. You live a very interesting life, indeed! 😊


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