Back to Work…

Well being an entrepreneur isn’t quit working out the way I had planned so I have had to go back to work. I mean I am not going to give up on my dream of making a lucrative income from home but while I work on that, I have had to go back to work. I was offered a job Monday night and I had my first day Tuesday.

Learning the ropes again has been exhausting. I have been out of the industry (real estate) for 12 odd years and a lot of things have changed in that time. I have to re-sit my registration, which enables me to work in the real estate industry, which is really difficult but on top of that I decided to do my FULL license, which will enable me to open my own office if I want to. Man alive I have created sooooo much work for myself. My quiet, cruisy, country life has diminished rather abruptly.

My mornings are now a big rush, getting the dogs organised for the day and cleaning up outside, doing the dog poo run and get myself ready to leave at 8am has been a challenge to say the least. I have 6 dogs in the house yard, that’s a lot of crap every day. They have a pen that they sleep in at night, they are then let out for a couple of hours in the morning to run around the house yard and then I pen them again. In that time they have pooed that much I am surprised there is anything left in them!

Wearing makeup everyday again is something that I am not keen on but being on front counter I need to look presentable, so makeup it is BUT, I can’t see without my glasses on and I can’t put them on while I am applying my eye shadow and eyeliner so sometimes that an end up a scary mess! Getting dressed everyday for work and not a day bumming around the farm is also a pain in the bum because I don’t have enough office work clothes and jeans, work boots and a work shirt is not really appropriate business wear LOL! Oh well small steps I guess.

It’s funny when we get thrown out of our comfort zone, especially when we are older. I thought I would never go back to work let alone back to an industry that I can’t stand, but here I am. I guess we never know what our path is, we never know where life will lead us, and if you are Christian, you will be familiar with trusting God because He knows what he is doing. I have to say, I knew the last time I said I would never go back into the real estate industry I remember thinking, “hmmmmm I probably shouldn’t say that because God is likely to put me right back there,” and look what happened!

Among all the bitching is a tonne of gratitude, gratitude that I can pay the registration for my car, gratitude that I can pay some bills, gratitude that I can get the kids Christmas stuff organised without debt this year, gratitude that we can do groceries without worry and so much more. I am grateful that this was an answer to prayer, not how I expected the answer to my prayers to go but it was still the answer I was seeking. So I guess the moral to my story is never say never, don’t talk things out into the atmosphere that you really don’t want because chances are God will put you right where you don’t want to be and then make it awesome! I am happily waiting for my awesome!

Do You Ever?

Do you ever wonder why some people have made it in life and you haven’t? You’re a nice person, you help people where you can, you look after your family, you pay your bills, you work hard, you don’t hurt anyone, you love your animals, you love Jesus, you don’t go out and make a nuisance of yourself, you set good examples AND YET you aren’t as successful as other people are. I don’t understand…

Do you ever get that fed up with life that you want to go to sleep and never wake up? I actually want to go to sleep and wake up in Narnia, kill the queen and live happily ever after with my tribe of animals….No? Well it is a dream..

Do you ever wish chocolate was a health food? Yep me too!

Do you ever wish some people would just grease their asses and slip into another world? Sorry Lord, I know I should be walking in Love but damn it’s hard sometimes!

Do you ever wonder what life would be like as a Kardashian/Jenner? What would it be like if picking which car to take was your biggest problem of the day, or if you woke up hoping your lips hadn’t exploded? They would be good problems to have!

Do you ever try and make something that doesn’t work out and you keep trying because damn it that little bastard of a thing isn’t going to beat you?! Me too, every day!

Do you ever want to re-live your childhood knowing what you know now?

Do you ever kick the dog?..Well it’s better than kicking the kids!

Do you ever plot the demise of your husband when he sleeps because you are hormonal af? Allllll the time LOL!

Do you ever hide sweets from everyone until they all go to bed so you don’t have to share? YES!!

Do you ever just sit and stare for hours wondering what it would be like on top of a mountain?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a cow? Well I don’t because I have a fair idea it would suck!

Do you ever just sit and swear for the fun of it? Again, sorry Lord but sometimes there is just no other words!

Do you ever just sit and ramble on your blog with no real purpose? No? Well I guess that one is on me….

Have a great day everyone!

Moving Cattle..

So today saw us moving one of the mobs of cattle to a different paddock. The one they were in is bare and these poor old girls are skinny enough.  These particular cows are all due to have calves, which will pull them down further. We have started to feed them, but not enough, we have been put on a budget, it's all about money.  For now they are happy, eating happily.  The paddock they are now in is right next to our house, making our dogs super happy all the bloody do now is bark. I guess when you have 10 working dogs and you put cattle in the paddock next to your house, there is going to be some noise! 

Happy Friday – Making Changes!

Hi everyone! I have decided that I am not happy with the way my blog was looking so I am making some changes AGAIN! Can’t half tell I am a creative, always changes things and getting bored super easy. So if my blog changes a dozen times over the weekend this is why LOL! I just can’t seem to get everything on here that I want without paying a tonne of money I don’t have. Anyway, bear with me while I try and find something I like!


So I finally found a theme that I am happy with and the bloody photos don’t fit into the thumbnails. I have to actually take the photos a certain way so they will look proper ARGH!! And the colors, I can’t change the font colors in the header part to what I want. You can tell I am ‘REAL’ savvy at this tech crap!! Back to the bloody drawing board!


How annoying are these damns ads!! I can get rid of them if I upgrade to a business plan at a cost of $296!!! What the actual!!!!

Reading Books Expands Your Mind!

Or so they say… I read books to escape OR to learn how to do certain things. My escape books are usually adventures like LOTR, Harry Potter, J.R.Tolkien books, Narnia stuff like that. Yes I know it’s a bit babyish but I have a lifetime of creative catching up to do! I just love adventure, probably because I lacked adventure growing up, I love make believe but I also like some forms of reality like business books written by entrepreneurs that are ahead of the field in their industry. Lindsay Teague Moreno and Rachel Hollis are 2 of my favorites and my business coach Jennifer Allwood will be releasing her book very soon which I await with baited breathe. But I also love Dr Seuss….too much? Yeah I know, I am a 52 year old child with reality issues who would rather slip into a world of color and wonder than deal with what’s for dinner lol!

Back to reality…oh did I mention Twilight? Apparently a teen saga but I still love the movies to this day and the books were bloody amazing! Sooooo, reality,….. oh yes, these days I am reading aromatherapy books and of course my Bible. Did you know the Bible is the greatest history book, business book, self help book, parenting book, story book, poetry book and all round life guide ever written? All in one book how cool!

My point is that without books to tell stories and educate us where would our minds be? Probably watching some crap on TV that is manipulated to get us to think certain ways…..a little too conspiracy theoristy? Sorry, but to me everything is a conspiracy until I can prove it otherwise lol!

So lets read more books, lets not forget the big words and the little words, ladies don’t let menopause rob you of your once fluent use of the English language, or language of your origin. Lets continue to make stories, imagine crazy stuff and dream. Lets not lose our imaginations to the drudgery of life, lets use our minds for a bit of fun every now and then!

Crazy Quilting…..

I really love quilting. I used to do it many many years ago, I taught myself to do it, and now thanks to Youtube I can improve on my quilting skills. My heart is always with things outside the box and when I found crazy quilting I thought I had jumped into my own Alice in Wonderland dream! I have yet to master this art, and after keeping my creativity locked away for so long I am slowly getting my creative mojo back, ideas are slowly coming to me again but in the meantime I am just having some quiet time fun!

It’s Been A Week of It…..

Shit that is….Do you ever have days, weeks or even months where everything just seems to be a big pile of crap? I feel like I am going through that season once again, more crap and for something different even more crap. For those of you who are believers, we know that God brings us through the other side, he doesn’t wave his magic wand and poof we have no more crap, he just equips us with strength and the ability to cope through it, but shit….can I just cut a break and have a few months of NO CRAP please!

Farming is tough, the drought is tougher, everyone is feeling it, even those in town, albeit not as much as we feel it. My hubby is running 14+ hours a day these days and it’s tough on him. He’s just done 21 days straight and no relief in sight, I guess that’s what happens when you work for rich people who know you need the job. There are good things but the crap is outweighing them at the moment. It’s calving season right now and in the last week we have lost 2 cows and 2 calves. One cow was a prolapse cow who’s calf died during birth, she got nerve damage and there was nothing the vet could do so she had to be euthanized, another cow jumped a gate and broke her leg, she had to be euthanized, and if we want to be real, which this blog is, euthanized means shoot. Next we had a cow give birth but her teats were way too big for the calf to suck on, so we put the cow in the yards, milked her and then bottle fed the baby, trouble is the calf was already dehydrated by the time we found him and they never usually recover, so he died. All that in a week. The work load is massive, but the pay doesn’t go up, I guess we get blessed in other ways.

We also have some pretty major family stuff going on this week and when it’s your children, its super stressful! Yesterday our day off was full on, trying to get stuff done around the house, trying to get the jobs done on farm that should really be done in work hours but there is never enough time, and not getting in until dark and then inside stuff has to start argh! It seems stupid to be whingeing about such stupid crap doesn’t it, people all over the world are going through much worse, and I do remind myself of that daily and it brings me back into line, but when overwhelm takes over you need to have a day to swear, bitch and eat crap food so you can start afresh the next day LOL! That’s what I have found anyway.

As a praying woman, I always repent of not behaving according to scripture but you know what? God knows before we do, He gives us Grace in times such as these if we ask Him for it. He is always there, we just have to call Him and if I swear and carry on, He isn’t going to send me to the pit of hell, He is just going to say “it’s ok, lets try this again” to me that’s comforting and reassuring that I’m not perfect but He is ok with that.

These times will get better, but bloody hell it’s tough to walk through and man I would hate to do this crap as an unbeliever!

Sunday the Day of Rest

Well for some maybe but not for us. We have recently started irrigating the farm, because the owners have now just realized shit there is no feed for the cattle, we better grow some *massive eye roll. You see my husband told them this 6 months ago, he tried to warn them, but the owners are property developers, rich people with cattle, not cattlemen. They rip properties up and turn them into housing estates and they are bloody good at what they do. What they are not good at is animal husbandry and feeding these poor skinny damn cows! SO, now my hubby and one of the other workers on farm have to work 7 days a week, same pay, to keep these irrigators working so we can grow some feed. Yes they are buying feed in but they are not loving that idea. So here we are Sunday morning, fixing the irrigator that has just decided only half of it wants to work. The boys got wet, and its still not hot enough to be getting sprayed with fire hose force, on a Sunday morning. Of course I was really sympathetic to their plight sitting in the car filming hahahahaha! Farmlife, you gotta love it hey!

The Farmers Wife

I wrote this as a dedication to all the rural women who are often overlooked and never noticed. I SEE YOU!

You’ll see her in the morning up at the crack of dawn

Making hubby breakky, and covering up her yawn

Its 5am and she’s already done the washing and the floors

And once the breakfasts’ over she’ll be running out the doors.

Where’s your lunch, grab your bag you’ll miss the bloody bus

Getting kids off to school is always such a fuss.

It’s 7.30, kids are gone and hubbys in the shed

All she wants to do today is go back to her nice bed

But the housework needs completing, and she has to go to town

Hubby needs some parts picked up, the tractor’s engine’s down.

One good thing she gets to do, that makes the trip worthwhile

Is grab a fresh brewed coffee, that always makes her smile.

The 3 hour trip back home goes fast, there’s no one on the road

Then she gets to help her hubby, with his continuous workload.

It’s bloody hot, it’s 40 plus, but there’s fencing to be done

That’s why they wear those great big hats, to protect them from the sun.

She works beside her hubby till the kids get home from school

Today they were excited, they’d been swimming at the pool.

They couldn’t wait to tell their mum how nice the pool had been

How the teachers let them stay in longer, the temperature they’d seen.

But now it’s time for arvo chores, the animals need their feed

Plus the grass needs mowing, before it goes to seed.

The chooks need feeding and put away, so the foxes cannot feast

Or they’ll kill the chooks, and eat the eggs, they’re such a dreadful beast.

We need to do a hay run, just while we wait for rain

Feeding hay is really dear, but it saves their hunger pain.

By now its dark, the chores are done it’s time to get some dinner

It’s ready when they get inside, this crock pot is a winner!

Her hubby comes in just in time as she serves him up his plate

He tells her how his days’ been big, sorry if he’s late.

She just smiles and tends to him and listens when he talks,

By this time she’s doing dishes, and wiping knives and forks.

On goes the tele so hubby can see what’s on the news today

But she just keeps on working, its just the farm wife way.

She takes a load of washing and shoves it in the dryer

Then she does some banking, and remembers they need wire

She yells out to her hubby, who by now is fast asleep

So she makes the online order, late hours does she keep.

Her face is getting older, and her skin is baring lines

Her hands are sore from fencing, but she never ever whines.

She has a natural beauty, that forever gets ignored

Her heart is huge, her smile is bigger, she’s a woman who’s unflawed.

She chose this life, or maybe she didn’t, maybe it was birth right,

But if it ever came to losing it, she’s the first one in to fight.

A farmer’s wife is not for most, we would run for miles away

These women are amazing, there’s nothing more to say.

The strength of rural women is a quality most don’t know

You think life’s tough, but do you know, until you’ve had a go.

You try and watch your livestock dying, while waiting on the rain,

It’s a grief that’s helpless, magnified, because of their great pain.

But for rural women like my friend this is a way of life

My greatest admiration goes to the rural farmers wife!

I Can’t Eat That!

It’s dinner time my mum just said

Get your butt up off your bed

Hurry up it’s getting cold

I swear you kids are 2 years old

It’s time for dad to say our grace

Did you really pull that face?

Dear Lord we thank you for this food

And pray for whichever kid just booed

We thank you for our blessed life

And my ever suffering, loving wife

We thank you for the day we’ve had

In Jesus name from me the dad.

Oh good lets eat I’m really starved

For the turkey dad just carved

But what the heck is all that stuff

That’s coming out the turkeys duff.

I CAN’T EAT THAT it’s been inside

The turkeys bum I’m horrified

What is it called I need to know

It’s stuffing love it’s all the go

Just have a try it’s nothing new

It’s stuffing kid not turkey poo!

I’m sorry mum I CAN’T EAT THAT

I’d rather eat my leather hat

I can’t believe the fuss you’re making

Oh for goodness sake just stop your shaking

Eat your food that’s on your plate

Don’t worry, there’s no stuffing mate.

So after dinner I went to pray

To God so I could have my say

Dear Lord you know me all too well

I really don’t mean to make mum yell

And I am not usually an ungrateful lad

But that turkey stuffing just looked all bad

I guess I’m asking for you to see

That turkey stuffing is not for me

And forgive me God for hassling mum

But I’m not eating from a turkeys bum!

Frequencies and Essential Oils

Frequency refers to a measurement. Specifically, the rate at which vibration occurs. Think about tuning a radio—different frequencies (i.e., radio wave vibrations in the air) will let you listen to a different channel.

The frequency of the human body can be measured in a number of ways, but usually a specialized tool called a biofeedback machine. These devices usually operate by detecting skin temperature, muscle tension, and/or brain wave activity.

So I have heard about all this before, but up until now I thought it was a pile of mumbo jumbo, hippy crap started by ‘new agers’ trying to suck us into their vortex of devil worship and sacrifice, that’s the normal for most Christians when they hear anything associated with science isn’t it? Just me? Ok let’s continue lol! I wish I could do video posts this typing takes so long! Anyhoooooo………

I was looking for some essential oils tips to put on my page, you know something interesting instead of all the usual essential oil stuff we see online, I get so bored with all that. One of my favorite essential oil educators was doing a video on frequencies, which surprised me because she is a woman of faith. She explained the science behind frequencies and how oils work with the frequencies of our bodies and pretty much everything around us. So, as you do, I started googling and the information is so interesting. I think as Christians we sometimes get limited in what we will learn because we think it’s devil stuff, and science is one of those things, but science also explains about energies, atoms, microns, all the things that God put into existence so how can it be devil stuff? I really think sometimes we just need to get a bloody grip and learn about stuff, God will soon lead us away if it’s not something He wants us delving into. That being said, lets have a quick look at these frequencies in essential oils.

Essential oils are said to have the highest frequency of all known substances measuring between 52 – 340 MHZ (megahertz). These frequencies resonate with bodily systems that are on the same level therefore administering healing vibrations to those systems. Your emotions can raise or lower your frequency, negative thoughts will lower frequency by 10MHZ while positive one can raise it by 15MHZ. The average persons frequency is 62-68HMZ – when a persons levels drop to 58MHZ cold symptoms can manifest, Candida at 55MHZ and cancer at around 42 MHZ with death beginning at 25MHZ. So those are numbers that are probably a good idea to know so you can help yourself raise your levels where needed.

Frequencies of essential oils are also affected by negative thoughts, being lowered by 12MHZ , while positive thought can raise the oils frequency by 12 MHZ. Add Prayer to the mix and your oils frequency has raised by another 15MHZ. Applying essential oils in an attitude of prayer greatly enhances their effectiveness and you will note in the Bible oils are always used in conjunction with prayer. Oils will work without prayer and prayer will work without oils, but used in correlation with one another greatly increases the effectiveness of successful application.

While you can’t shield yourself from all low frequencies, you can make a conscious decision to bring as many positive frequencies into your life as possible. Start by choosing to think positively (yes, it is a choice!) and, if you haven’t already, make a point of using your essential oils more regularly.

While there is a tonne of information out there on this subject, this is just a start of a very powerful part of God’s healing process that we rarely hear about or we are too ‘religious’ to receive. I, for one, am going to continue researching and learning this until the Holy Spirit tells me otherwise!

Can I Have Your Opinion?

I was sitting quietly today for about 2 minutes and I have been really focusing, or trying to focus on making this blog a good one. I feel like my blog is maybe a bit too real? Am I making a mistake by being legit? My blog does not look professional, it looks a bit too rustic? Am I making a mistake by being too authentic? I would really like your opinion because it is a biiiiig wide world out there and super hard to get followers so if I am at a disadvantage I probably should do something about it? I would appreciate your opinions! Thanks guys!