I Can’t Eat That!

It’s dinner time my mum just said

Get your butt up off your bed

Hurry up it’s getting cold

I swear you kids are 2 years old

It’s time for dad to say our grace

Did you really pull that face?

Dear Lord we thank you for this food

And pray for whichever kid just booed

We thank you for our blessed life

And my ever suffering, loving wife

We thank you for the day we’ve had

In Jesus name from me the dad.

Oh good lets eat I’m really starved

For the turkey dad just carved

But what the heck is all that stuff

That’s coming out the turkeys duff.

I CAN’T EAT THAT it’s been inside

The turkeys bum I’m horrified

What is it called I need to know

It’s stuffing love it’s all the go

Just have a try it’s nothing new

It’s stuffing kid not turkey poo!

I’m sorry mum I CAN’T EAT THAT

I’d rather eat my leather hat

I can’t believe the fuss you’re making

Oh for goodness sake just stop your shaking

Eat your food that’s on your plate

Don’t worry, there’s no stuffing mate.

So after dinner I went to pray

To God so I could have my say

Dear Lord you know me all too well

I really don’t mean to make mum yell

And I am not usually an ungrateful lad

But that turkey stuffing just looked all bad

I guess I’m asking for you to see

That turkey stuffing is not for me

And forgive me God for hassling mum

But I’m not eating from a turkeys bum!

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Hi guys! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am a 53 year old nannee of 7, I live on a farm and I do a lot of things. My main focus these days is sewing and essential oils and encouraging women to become who they were meant to be. I love Jesus and have been known to get 'Gody' every now and then. He is the reason I am where I am today! So visit often and bring your friends I would love to see you all!

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