Always Be Kind

I am going to be brutally honest here and tell you when I was younger I was such a shit. I judged people harshly, I used to criticise people for being homeless, ugly, lazy and just horrible. I would never think anyone has been through a hard time, or lost family or homes, I never thought people doing it tough were broken, scared or feeling immeasurable pain. Nope I was an asshole, and it probably stemmed from my own crappy life at the time. I hated life, I didn’t want to live past 40 and if I suffer so should everyone else.


It hasn’t been an easy road to niceness, God has had his hands full teaching me some valuable lessons, but luckily His hands are big. These days I have a tonne of compassion towards people. I have found even in this job, that people will react better to kindness than they will if you are going to bounce them. One of my jobs is to chase up tenant arrears. Some tenants can get quit hostile and come barging into the office ready to rip you a new one, but if you show them some understanding and kindness that situation can be diffused really quickly. When I was younger a reactive situation would have just gotten worse and nothing would resolve except 2 parties feeling a lot worse than when they woke up that morning.

I have also found that you feel good inside when you are nice to people. We were made to be nice not horrid and our inner spirit jumps for joy every time we are nice. Do you get that? Do you get that happy feeling when you are nice to someone? It’s a revelation to me I gotta tell you and whether you are a Faith person or not the result will be the same. Try being nice to someone even when you know they don’t deserve it and see how it makes you feel. By smiling at a stranger you just don’t know what impact you may have on their day!

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Hi guys! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am a 53 year old nannee of 7, I live on a farm and I do a lot of things. My main focus these days is sewing and essential oils and encouraging women to become who they were meant to be. I love Jesus and have been known to get 'Gody' every now and then. He is the reason I am where I am today! So visit often and bring your friends I would love to see you all!

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