It’s Christmas……

Everyone is rushing around like lunatics, the shelves are stripped, staff are stressed to the max, kids are screaming, mothers are about ready to lose their shit, fathers are at the pub or working to avoid the chaos, traffic is ridiculous, what is it about Christmas that makes everyone nuts.

Correct me if I am wrong but Christmas is the same time very year yeah? We have 51 weeks to prepare for Christmas. Why is it that mothers decide to do their Christmas shopping when school finishes? Why not do it BEFORE they have to drag a thousand kids to the shopping centre, I just don’t get it. I am starting to sound like the Grinch, just call me Grinchma!

People are coming out in droves asking for handouts, free food, presents they have had a tough year. Once upon a time I used to feel so sorry for these people, but my youngest daughter who is chronically ill, has 3 kids, and they do it tough every year because there is no work here, she plans ahead. She plans A YEAR ahead so she makes sure her kids always have a great Christmas. She said to me a few weeks ago Christmas is the same time every year, I can plan for this. She doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink nor does her husband, they have medical costs to pay. So why is it that the ones asking for help, working the system, and taking advantage of people’s kindness and Christmas spirit, ALL SMOKE! Cigarettes are extremely expensive, upwards of $40 a packet these days, for a pack of 30’s, 40’s & 50’s are even dearer, so they still smoke but can’t afford presents or food for their kids. Listen, I know what I am talking about, I used to smoke, heavily, well over $100 per week, and that is before the massive tobacco tax came in and put the prices up. I GAVE IT UP! It was that or cut down on groceries! So while there are a lot of genuine people out there doing it tough, I see the same ones every year asking for the handouts.

Let’s give some high fives to the staff that have to endure these droves of people who are scurrying around like ants preparing for a flood. Let’s tell them what a great job they are doing smiling at everyone even when they are being abused constantly about the lines and how long customers have to wait, lets take our hats off to the staff who are working under conditions that make the rest of us cringe.

Look, I know it’s a ‘thing’ to have to battle the crowds at Christmas, but wouldn’t it be wiser to get sorted during the year. I put the kids things on layby this year back in October and had it all sorted by November, I mean that was probably even too late, but I have done it all online which saves a lot of anxiety and wasted time.

Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas, but I am sure we could all try and do it a bit easier, if we shopped during the year we would have less stress, more money and more time to prepare. Just a thought!

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What’s The Go With……..

Dancing on Live videos on Facebook and Instagram? Am I missing something here? Am I really that old that I am the stupid one that thinks this type of thing is dumb? Like enlighten me, please……

I see so many women doing this, or lip syncing or striking a pose or whatever stirs their heart, but I fail to understand why? I am not one bit interested in watching you pull some really dumb moves that is I guess supposed to make you some sort of dance guru? Too harsh? Maybe I AM too old for social media, maybe I am too old for videos and trying to keep up with the young ones because there is no way in hell I am going to start busting a move on social media in case I get few more followers who think my moves are pretty slick.

I don’t mean to criticize either because I am about encouraging women not berating them, but I like to encourage women to be ladies, be strong in who they are, be gentle and kind, modest and happy, NOT having to keep up with peer pressure and bust out stupid moves on Facebook.

Ok I’m done, I hope I haven’t offended anyone, I am just saying it how I see it and to me it looks dumb. If you love doing this, keep doing it, don’t stop because of my opinions, they are just that, ‘opinions’. If it brings you joy, then my hat comes off to you, but if you are doing to get followers please stop.

Climate Change?

Yeah I know it’s a bit risky bringing up the subject of Climate Change but I will be real quick with my thoughts on the matter. Ok here goes……..

Climate – definition – the weather condition prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.

Change – make or become different.

So I would be correct in saying the Climate Change actually means that your general weather in your area becomes different? Stay with me…..

In our area, for which I have been a resident for 37 years, we have always had super hot summers, drought, severe storms and the like. Every season has been the same since I can remember. It seems to me to be hotter yes, but I am older, air conditioning is readily available in cars, houses, workplaces and schools which conditions our bodies to artificial cooling (which I can’t live without now) and not the heat we were once accustomed to. Back in the day we were lucky to have fans, we used to bathe regularly in cold water or just sit under the sprinkler. Nowadays we will burn to a crisp just walking from the house to the car. Could it be that WE as a species have changed? Could it be that WE have become soft?

Anyway I would have thought Climate Change would be the climate actually CHANGING, which means my area would be covered in snow and ice and not the friggin heat wave that we get every single damn year! Bring on Climate Change, bring on the snow, bring on some cooler damn weather and bring on a White Christmas!