My New Year Decisions….

So I don’t actually make resolutions because I always break them, I feel like resolutions set you up to fail so I call them my New Year Decisions!

This year I have decided I am going to introduce my family to the world of low/no toxic living. The idea behind this is to eliminate as many toxins from our bodies, our environment and our food. This is going to be quite the task because we are the biggest consumers of crap, like literally nothing we eat for example is actually good for us, even salads I like to sprinkle with sugar! Everything we use is from plastic, everything we consume is either loaded with chemicals, plastic, sugar, aspartame, parabens and every other hormone disrupting chemical out there. Time to change!

First things first, I have started using organic hand wash, natural soap and natural makeup. I have chemical free shampoo & conditioner on the way from doTerra and I use essential oils in my diffuser as air purifiers, cleaning agents and much more. I have also ordered an array of cleaning products from doTerra as I feel they are a very trusted source, but there are a tonne of natural products on the market. Washing liquid will be a big struggle for me because I love nice smelling washing so will so how the doTerra stuff goes with that.

Food wise we will struggle, we were meant to start Monday but we have had a super hectic week and I couldn’t deal with low sugar and fruit this week! Our biggest vice is cold coke, we are in the middle of the worst drought in our history at the moment and it’s hot and dry, depressing (we live on a farm) and soul shattering sometimes and a nice cold coke just satisfies a thirst sometimes better than cold water which we also drink plenty of! We love cakes, any processed food, takeaway, chocolate, chips all the bad stuff and trust me when I say this will be a journey of sorts.

The biggest problem in the house is the microwave. I have read that once microwaves have been taken out of houses peoples health has been greatly improved. I won’t be able to take it out yet because my 15 year old will have a fit and so will hubby. Convenience overrides everything else so it would seem!

Why are we doing this? Well my hubby and I carry more weight than we should and at our age it isn’t great to be fat. It puts a burden on your vital organs and invites disease to come and live in your body which I do not want. Menopause is a big problem to me at the moment, it’s like I was doing too well and it’s amped itself up to sent me proper crazy, not happy and such a joy to be around (sarcasm). The symptoms of menopause could be improved with a healthy diet and better gut health so I need to take things seriously. I am getting pretty over feeling sluggish, lethargic, hopeless and just generally uphappy. Menopause plays wicked mind games on you and when you are tired you just don’t have the energy to fight it.

I need to be healthy for my grandchildren and I need to show them by example. I need to teach them other ways of doing things. They are part of the Ipad generation and can I say this, 5 out of 7 have various levels of autism. Maybe there is something in that? Regardless I need to be a better teacher to them, when they grow up things are going to be tough, the world won’t be like it is today, it will be overrun with GMO’s and robots and they won’t know how to survive well (starting to sound like a prepper here lol).

So follow along and see how this progresses, there is a lot for us to do, and getting motivated in this heat can be rather tricky, but I think once we find our momentum this will be one of the best decisions of any new year!