Some Life Lessons Along The Way….

It’s been a hectic time of late. Tomorrow is our last day in our office that my aunt has had for the past 20 years. Lots of tears, joy, sorrows, victories and losses have happened in that office and I dare say it will be a hard day for her. She is nearly 80, it’s time to let go of the reins and start to take things easy, she won’t retire altogether, it’s too hard for her, real estate is in her veins, without it she would have no pulse. She will have a month off over Christmas and then we start to work from home. It seems that technology is now leading many agents to be able to work from home without the expense and the distraction of running your own office. I will become her P.A. which suits me fine, I hate real estate, I did it for many many years prior to my big break which lasted 11 years, I hated it then and I still hate it now. I am there because she needs me, I am there because I know real estate like the back of my hand, but most importantly I am there to help her, to help her do the things that were once easy for both of us but are now challenging for one of us. I know God has me there for a reason and no amount of whingeing or bitching on my behalf is going to change that. I just need to trust in His plan and know that this is bigger than me.

This past 2 days has seen 3 women coming in who are behind in their rent, we manage storage shed facilities, and like everything when you get behind it’s just so hard to get caught up again. These women are homeless, can’t find anywhere to live, housing is in short supply in this area and more and more people are having trouble and end up living in their cars. Children and being split up and mothers going from couch to couch just to have somewhere to sleep. These people aren’t drug addicts or people with mental health issues, these people have jobs, they have good rental references but these days that is just not enough. The sad thing is it’s always women. I do my best to buy them time but I wish I could do more, I wish I could afford to pay the rent for them but I can’t. We have been close to that position ourselves, we have never been homeless, always had parents to live with, but absolutely zero money and little food. I look back at my early years and feel so much mum remorse for my kids, I was a child having children, no idea on how to do that right, no idea on how my actions would effect my kids for the rest of their lives, I bury this deep, but I failed them so much as children. I try and make up for it in their adult years, and we are a very close family but they are as good as they are not from me or their father, but by the grace of God. Being in this position and seeing so many people doing it tough at this time of the year is really life affirming, makes you stand up and think that your life isn’t so bad after all, bucketing water to the toilet because your pipes have burst isn’t as bad as not having a toilet at all, having an older car is not as bad as walking, having a tiny weeny little house to live in is better than not having one at all. Having to work in the heat is better than not having a job. You know, it’s what and how your prioritize things in life I guess. It is definitely humbling.

So as the Americans enter their Thanksgiving season, I don’t think it really hurts for the rest of the world to join in on an American tradition. It’s no wonder they are a mighty nation, every year they have dedicated a whole day to giving thanks! Gratitude is the fastest way to living fulfilled in your current space regardless of what that looks like. Remember be grateful for what you have because there is someone out there praying for that very thing.

Always Be Kind

I am going to be brutally honest here and tell you when I was younger I was such a shit. I judged people harshly, I used to criticise people for being homeless, ugly, lazy and just horrible. I would never think anyone has been through a hard time, or lost family or homes, I never thought people doing it tough were broken, scared or feeling immeasurable pain. Nope I was an asshole, and it probably stemmed from my own crappy life at the time. I hated life, I didn’t want to live past 40 and if I suffer so should everyone else.


It hasn’t been an easy road to niceness, God has had his hands full teaching me some valuable lessons, but luckily His hands are big. These days I have a tonne of compassion towards people. I have found even in this job, that people will react better to kindness than they will if you are going to bounce them. One of my jobs is to chase up tenant arrears. Some tenants can get quit hostile and come barging into the office ready to rip you a new one, but if you show them some understanding and kindness that situation can be diffused really quickly. When I was younger a reactive situation would have just gotten worse and nothing would resolve except 2 parties feeling a lot worse than when they woke up that morning.

I have also found that you feel good inside when you are nice to people. We were made to be nice not horrid and our inner spirit jumps for joy every time we are nice. Do you get that? Do you get that happy feeling when you are nice to someone? It’s a revelation to me I gotta tell you and whether you are a Faith person or not the result will be the same. Try being nice to someone even when you know they don’t deserve it and see how it makes you feel. By smiling at a stranger you just don’t know what impact you may have on their day!

Back to Work…

Well being an entrepreneur isn’t quit working out the way I had planned so I have had to go back to work. I mean I am not going to give up on my dream of making a lucrative income from home but while I work on that, I have had to go back to work. I was offered a job Monday night and I had my first day Tuesday.

Learning the ropes again has been exhausting. I have been out of the industry (real estate) for 12 odd years and a lot of things have changed in that time. I have to re-sit my registration, which enables me to work in the real estate industry, which is really difficult but on top of that I decided to do my FULL license, which will enable me to open my own office if I want to. Man alive I have created sooooo much work for myself. My quiet, cruisy, country life has diminished rather abruptly.

My mornings are now a big rush, getting the dogs organised for the day and cleaning up outside, doing the dog poo run and get myself ready to leave at 8am has been a challenge to say the least. I have 6 dogs in the house yard, that’s a lot of crap every day. They have a pen that they sleep in at night, they are then let out for a couple of hours in the morning to run around the house yard and then I pen them again. In that time they have pooed that much I am surprised there is anything left in them!

Wearing makeup everyday again is something that I am not keen on but being on front counter I need to look presentable, so makeup it is BUT, I can’t see without my glasses on and I can’t put them on while I am applying my eye shadow and eyeliner so sometimes that an end up a scary mess! Getting dressed everyday for work and not a day bumming around the farm is also a pain in the bum because I don’t have enough office work clothes and jeans, work boots and a work shirt is not really appropriate business wear LOL! Oh well small steps I guess.

It’s funny when we get thrown out of our comfort zone, especially when we are older. I thought I would never go back to work let alone back to an industry that I can’t stand, but here I am. I guess we never know what our path is, we never know where life will lead us, and if you are Christian, you will be familiar with trusting God because He knows what he is doing. I have to say, I knew the last time I said I would never go back into the real estate industry I remember thinking, “hmmmmm I probably shouldn’t say that because God is likely to put me right back there,” and look what happened!

Among all the bitching is a tonne of gratitude, gratitude that I can pay the registration for my car, gratitude that I can pay some bills, gratitude that I can get the kids Christmas stuff organised without debt this year, gratitude that we can do groceries without worry and so much more. I am grateful that this was an answer to prayer, not how I expected the answer to my prayers to go but it was still the answer I was seeking. So I guess the moral to my story is never say never, don’t talk things out into the atmosphere that you really don’t want because chances are God will put you right where you don’t want to be and then make it awesome! I am happily waiting for my awesome!

It’s Been A Week of It…..

Shit that is….Do you ever have days, weeks or even months where everything just seems to be a big pile of crap? I feel like I am going through that season once again, more crap and for something different even more crap. For those of you who are believers, we know that God brings us through the other side, he doesn’t wave his magic wand and poof we have no more crap, he just equips us with strength and the ability to cope through it, but shit….can I just cut a break and have a few months of NO CRAP please!

Farming is tough, the drought is tougher, everyone is feeling it, even those in town, albeit not as much as we feel it. My hubby is running 14+ hours a day these days and it’s tough on him. He’s just done 21 days straight and no relief in sight, I guess that’s what happens when you work for rich people who know you need the job. There are good things but the crap is outweighing them at the moment. It’s calving season right now and in the last week we have lost 2 cows and 2 calves. One cow was a prolapse cow who’s calf died during birth, she got nerve damage and there was nothing the vet could do so she had to be euthanized, another cow jumped a gate and broke her leg, she had to be euthanized, and if we want to be real, which this blog is, euthanized means shoot. Next we had a cow give birth but her teats were way too big for the calf to suck on, so we put the cow in the yards, milked her and then bottle fed the baby, trouble is the calf was already dehydrated by the time we found him and they never usually recover, so he died. All that in a week. The work load is massive, but the pay doesn’t go up, I guess we get blessed in other ways.

We also have some pretty major family stuff going on this week and when it’s your children, its super stressful! Yesterday our day off was full on, trying to get stuff done around the house, trying to get the jobs done on farm that should really be done in work hours but there is never enough time, and not getting in until dark and then inside stuff has to start argh! It seems stupid to be whingeing about such stupid crap doesn’t it, people all over the world are going through much worse, and I do remind myself of that daily and it brings me back into line, but when overwhelm takes over you need to have a day to swear, bitch and eat crap food so you can start afresh the next day LOL! That’s what I have found anyway.

As a praying woman, I always repent of not behaving according to scripture but you know what? God knows before we do, He gives us Grace in times such as these if we ask Him for it. He is always there, we just have to call Him and if I swear and carry on, He isn’t going to send me to the pit of hell, He is just going to say “it’s ok, lets try this again” to me that’s comforting and reassuring that I’m not perfect but He is ok with that.

These times will get better, but bloody hell it’s tough to walk through and man I would hate to do this crap as an unbeliever!

Don’t Be That Person…..

It seems the world is well and truly going to shit. Scripture says in Revelation and Ezekiel that basically in the end days the world is going to get bad, and it seems that is true. There are so many good people out there trying to help, trying to encourage and trying to do their best in some pretty crappy situations and then there are those who just wait for the opportunity to crap all over you.

There are always those who will tear down churches because they hate religious people and yet in a crisis that’s where they turn, there are always people who are ready to tear down others because they are successful, or they look a certain way or they have a bigger house, or whatever, there will always be someone there waiting, like a crouching tiger, ready to pounce and devour you just for being you. You can’t even eat what you want these days, there is some crazy person or group of crazy people, ready to get all up in your face about YOUR own choices. There is always someone there to bring you down, discourage, disown, discredit and dismantle you. Those that do good, aren’t doing good enough, those who give aren’t giving enough and those who help aren’t helping enough. These people who lie in wait to attack you lack judgement, character and just plain decency.

Scripture says to love on these people, pray for them and bless them and God will take care of the rest. But I find that very hard to do sometimes and then what happens to me? I am displaying the same behaviors. Make sure that out of your will to do good and defend those who are being attacked that you don’t become one of them yourself. Always be kind, show grace and DON’T BE THAT PERSON!

Faith Being Tested…Does This Happen?

Well hell yeah it happens!! And it seems the more you get into your faith walk the harder the tests become!  The more I pray the further into debt we go, through no fault of our own, it just seems to get worse and worse and worse.  We have bills come out our butts for crap we don’t even know we have, the power bill is astronomical and I have been very diligent turning everything off, not using heating even when its freezing, not leaving lights on, just all the things and the power bill is the highest it’s ever been!  What on earth is going on? My hubby and I are fighting like crazy, if I had somewhere else to go I would have gone it’s as simple as that!  I prayed this morning and told God THAT IS IT, I am DONE, I cannot do these tests any longer, I am NOT as strong as He thinks I am, until I see some form of hope THAT’S IT!  Lets see how THAT goes!

Look, I do not mean to turn anyone off here, I am just being bloody honest. I want this blog to be truthful not scripted, I want people to understand that when they give their lives to Jesus the crap has just begun.  These times that we go through are bloody tough, and they are tough for a damn good reason, THE REWARD IS SO GREAT!  Scripture says the gate to righteousness and heaven is small and few find it, well I am not surprised!  Today is an almighty bloody test and they are getting more profuse. Every time I turn around is another test and another lesson in obedience, well today I failed!  Luckily I get to start over again tomorrow, I get to repent and ask God for forgiveness to give me yet another chance to start again. Man, this is a tough life, Jesus be near!

My Walk of Faith

I want to share with you a little about my Faith walk. I feel that these days people are so caught up in offense that they just can’t see past the noses on their face.  Religion has taken over and jaded people against Jesus, hatred has taken over, and the devil has become this cool creature with horns, a spiked tail and a pitch fork that we dress our little kids up in on Halloween.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Faith has taken a back seat to murder, idolatry, abortion, pornography, hatred, racism, and violence.  Honestly I don’t get it. People live in absolute chaos, their lives are hectic, the kids are in a mess, cancer runs rife in families and yet, they refuse God. God didn’t make all this crap happen to you so why do you blame Him? If you could only see, that if you turn your back on all that garbage and look to God you can achieve peace.  If you can turn your back on what the world does you can have joy and happiness.  Why on earth would you want to continue without Peace? Why would you want to continue worrying about your kids or if your hubby is out fooling around or if your job will be there next week. Why on earth do you want to do that?

Look, I am not saying this path is an easy one, its not, but I have Hope, Joy and a Peace knowing I am not going through this crap alone, that God is watching over me and He will give me the tools I need to get out of the mess I created.  I know my children are taken care of, I know my needs are taken care of.  I know that Heaven is my reality when I die.  I know that every single person on this planet needs Jesus. I remember when I was young thinking, “it’s so not cool to be a Christian you have to be so nerdy, God takes away all the fun, I’m not doing that!”  Well what a mixed up crappy life I have had, what terrible childhoods my kids had (which they don’t remember to the Glory of God, they remember a great childhood), my hubby and I didn’t like each other very much but we stayed together for the kids.  We have been broke our whole lives, slaves to debt, no idea on how to manage money and no idea on how to manage life.  It wasn’t until breaking point when my youngest brother died, in our house, in his sleep, he was 36. It was then that God moved and slowly but surely bought us back to Him which is where we belong.

It’s been 7 years and in that 7 years we have slowly but surely built our trust and Faith in Jesus. It was a hard road and it still is, but so many  victories have happened along the way. I have still made some really stupid mistakes and got us further into debt but the conscious decision has been made now to get out of debt and never do that again.  16 months ago we had a huge answer to prayer, I wanted out of the house we had lived in for 17 years, I was sick of being in town and wanted to be on a farm, my husband was born into that lifestyle and because of kids we moved to town.  After 2 years of prayer, obedience and FAITH, we now live on a farm, no it’s not ours, my hubby got a job managing this place, but it’s a really good job, a lot better than the one he had and he is now in his element with horses and cattle.  We knew it was from God because the owners wanted someone young but decided to give my husband a chance.  ‘Decided’ be buggerd, God intervened and told him he was giving us this job.  So there is a long story to this and I wont get into it now, but I wanted to give you an example of what is possible when you trust God and live the way He wants us to live.

I can hear it now, no way I am doing that, I will look stupid, I like who I am I don’t want to change. Yes change is required but you don’t even know, you notice things that you used to think were super cool are not so much anymore.  I am no nerd I can tell you that, I am not a mamby pamby submissive housewife who has no say or opinion, and I am not in the corner meek and mild, no bloody way!  I am fiestier than I have ever been, I have not changed anything about my appearance, I have not changed too much at all. What has changed is my hard heartedness towards people, my attitude towards people, Jesus said to Love people not hate them, encourage people don’t ignore them. We are here to help each other regardless of race color and creed, the Gospel is one of love not hate and I don’t know how that is misunderstood.

So, my walk of Faith has led me to feel compassion for people, I don’t want the same things, I want nicer things and God has shown me that it’s not His will for me to be broke and struggling.  He wants us to prosper so we always have the means to help others in need. He wants us to have nice things because He understands life is much easier when we have nice surroundings. He wants us to be happy not sad and distressed, He wants us to prosper spiritually so life can be easier for us,  He wants only the best for us and I for one, am receiving that with both hands.

These pictures I have shared with this post is just a small part of where I live.  How can I be anything but grateful to a God who came through for us!