What Do You Do In Lockdown?

While we are have heavy restrictions in place in Australia we are certainly by no means as locked down as other countries. We can still go to the shops, and quite frankly a vast majority of our public aren’t taking this nearly as serious enough as they should, however, we still have access to a lot of shops, I mean I can still go to the craft store and buy my wool, which brings me to the next question…..what are you all doing while in lockdown?

I have started to crochet again now I have more time due to losing my job. I am crocheting granny square blankets as this is probably my all time favorite thing to do. I said to my hubby the other day the one thing I really enjoy that I could do all day, our of all the things I do, is crochet. I had a mindset though, that if I admitted to loving crochet that I admit to being an old grandma, I mean, hows that for a really dumb thought process. So here are my blankets so far, there are 4 x 200g balls of wool in each which is $40AUD so it’s not a cheap hobby by any means especially when that only makes a lap blanket but it’s fun nonetheless.

Completed lap blanket, well its just a bit bigger than a lap blanket but it has worked well and I love how the colors worked.

This next blanket is a work in progress for my grandson. I love working with these yarns because there is no changing colors!

Crazy Quilting…..

I really love quilting. I used to do it many many years ago, I taught myself to do it, and now thanks to Youtube I can improve on my quilting skills. My heart is always with things outside the box and when I found crazy quilting I thought I had jumped into my own Alice in Wonderland dream! I have yet to master this art, and after keeping my creativity locked away for so long I am slowly getting my creative mojo back, ideas are slowly coming to me again but in the meantime I am just having some quiet time fun!

New Dresses

I really enjoy making these little dresses so I will be making more and offering them up for sale in the very near future. But for now, how cute are my grand daughters sporting there new but old look! I use both new & vintage fabric in these dresses so its a great combination of old and new!

The buckles I have used are proving to be difficult to find in my local town and postage is a killer, why are things always so expensive. They do make these dresses serviceable though because the straps are adjustable and they will last the girls a couple more years provided they don’t turn mutant lol!

Upcycled Girls Dresses

With a heap of grand daughters and daughters who love upcycling it just makes sense for me to make them cute dresses. This is a new pattern I am trialing and so fair I am really enjoying making this little dress. I am using both upcycled and new fabric just to make them stand out from the crowd type thing. The buckles, while they are an expensive additive as far as selling these dresses they really set them off! What do you think?

Market Bags and Beach Bags

So I have started making market bags & limited edition beach bags. All my bags are 100% made by me using upcycled vintage fabric and calico. I will be making kids bags as well as there is no greater time like the present to be teaching children about the dangers of single use plastic bags. I will be loading new bags once a week so keep your eyes ready for the weekly drop!

Crochet is Life – Can I Get An Amen

I learned to crochet when I was a small child, probably about 8 or 9 I think, it was my hobby of choice and probably the only thing my mother ever taught me.  As I grew up and became ‘cool’ I stopped crocheting and this craft was lost to me for many many years until recently.  Even then, I felt like a grandma nerd sitting down to crochet and I felt lazy. I felt like I should be up working not sitting down crocheting like an old grandma. Of course I am a grandma, I just don’t like to portray it LOL!

These days, I crochet when I have the chance which is mainly at night after dinner when hubby and I sit and watch the tele.  My most favorite project is the granny square (there’s that word again!) but I also enjoy crocheting fruit.  Crochet is very relaxing, I can unwind while I crochet and it keeps my hands busy so I am not in the kitchen looking for after dinner snacks!  Currently I am working on this granny square blanket in blue, it will go to one of my grandsons as a keepsake.  I have other projects on the go also, which is the sign of a true crafter apparently….I think its the sign of a menopausal woman that can’t make up her mind which project to finish first!