First Calf of the 2019 Season

Well it’s begun, the 2019 calving season and can I say this is my least favorite time of the year. Calving season almost immediately springs to mind pictures of cute little white faced calves frolicking among wildflowers chasing butterflies doesn’t it? Nothing could be further from the truth. This is the time of the year I feel the most stressed, so much can go wrong and usually does. There will always be that cow that prolapses, or that calf that gets stuck, or the mum that has huge bottle tits that the calf can’t suckle from, or or or. Last year nearly broke me from this life, the sadness and grief I feel when we lose a calf or a mother, or both. The devastation the mother feels when she loses a calf, some mothers don’t care, but some definitely do. And this year is tougher because we have no grass left on this property so a feeding schedule has begun, but that will not be anywhere near the amount of feed a mother needs to sustain milk production for a baby. Ugh, it might just be me, I am probably not cut out for the toughness of this life, and trust me you have to be tough. I absolute admire and respect every farmer out there doing this job, the wives that are working alongside their husbands with little acknowledgement, I SEE YOU!

THEN, there is the cute and cuddly side, when the calves do very well, they run and play, they form clubs and play with their mates, that side of things is awesome and it makes my heart happy. So I guess for every shit time there is a nice time, so it all balances itself out in the long run and really that’s what life is about isn’t it? Balance……..oh and God of course *wink!

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Well It’s Hanging On…..

Well I am still under the weather with the bloody flu or cold or virus or whatever you want to call it. This is week 2 and it’s relentless.  The cough is absolute crap, it’s exhausting, it hurts, everything is aching now and if you are middle aged you know what else is total shit when you cough uncontrollably in 10 minute increments!  My bloody home remedies haven’t been working as effectively as I would have hoped, which leads me to be thinking these things don’t work nearly as well when you are actually sick as they do when you are well! How does that work? More of those musings in a different post! This is what I have been doing…..

Yep modern medicine from the local shopping centre!  This was the ONLY thing that gave my sore throat any relief AT ALL!  And these….

Again modern medicine from the local store, probably full of chemicals, probably full of sugar but I DON’T CARE! If you are prepared to do the hard yards with a throat full of razor blades hats off to you but this old girl is not!

Next up THE COUGH – my poor boy coughs non stop when he is awake, he isnt sick, he just coughs, NON, bloody Stop! I feel so bad for him and I rub him with oils but the smell of them is now making him sick and he doesn’t want me to put them on him anymore, hmmmm, there must be something to that, aren’t oils meant to make you well?   I found that they worked for about half an hour at a time and honestly that’s not really a great idea to be constantly reapplying oils. I don’t know of the health impacts of that so I have only done it twice a day which I feel is more than enough.  So off to the chemist today to get him some cough medicine, again, modern medicine!

I have been diffusing non stop which I think has worked to some degree, and last night it did actually calm my coughing for while, but it seems once my body got used to breathing it in it became less effective if that’s possible?  I diffuse every day mainly to keep the germs at bay and to get rid of the nasties from the house, which it usually does, but this season its seems the germs are tougher and immune systems are weaker.

My cough however is a bit worse, in that it’s phlegmy and in my chest a bit deeper. I tried ALL the oils, on me, around me and in me and while they may relieve a few symptoms for a very short period of time they are not giving me the relief I need.  I will be getting some cough syrup too!  I really think this is one of those things we are going to have to ride the wave with but I want to just tell you how the oils were going for me.  I gotta say I won’t be telling people to grab their oils if they are feeling sick again.  The oils absolutely work for the emotions and combating germs in the home if you use the right ones, but sickness, hmmmmmm that’s a big question mark for me and there is a subsequent post coming up!

Let’s Try Again…

Do you remember a few posts ago I showed you my latest crochet project that I was working on?  This one…

Well thanks to these little shits…

That project ended up all over my back yard along with 3 balls of brand new wool!! So what happened….

We have a chihuahua who is obviously an inside dog, she has worked out how to open the sliding glass doors and get out when she needs to, even though we have had a doggy door put in the front door.  The only way she can’t get in or out is if the screen doors get closed as well. Her escape artistry is a real pain because if the kids or hubby or even me, forget to close the screen she gets out and leaves the door open, which is not a great idea on a rural property, with snakes etc.

I had raced into town to grab dog food one afternoon and forgot to lock the pups back in their pen, I thought I wouldnt be long and they would be ok, hubby was on farm and due home any time and I wouldn’t be long anyway.  Weeeeeeell my son forgot the shut the screen door, the chihuahua got out, leaving a large enough gap for the pups to get in!! As I walked up the back path I could see them all running into the house and as I got closer to the back door I could see my wool all over the back yard in a gridded pattern from where they had been playing catch with it, and then I looked inside and they were all over the couch jumping on it like a pack of kids playing on a trampoline!! I was SO angry and there was yelling, pups running through the house, more yelling, hubby got home, and between my son, myself and my hubby we got them out. Then was the task of unravelling the wool from around my fruit trees, the clothesline the fire pit and the back patio, it was bloody everywhere.  All the squares I had done were all over the back yard and everything had to be thrown in the bin, what a bloody waste.

I guess the thing is though, that it could have been much worse, they could have literally trashed the house, they are big pups, the house is small, and they could have ripped the bin apart, got into my bird and guinea pig but they didnt they just played on the cough and ruined my wool. So at the end of the day, even though that was super stressful it could have been much much worse!

So here is the new project!

Bloody Flu Season Has Hit!

Over here in Australia one could be mistaken into thinking that we have all but missed winter and stayed in an extended autumn. We have had a couple of cold weeks but NOTHING like we usually do.  We are still wearing t shirts, jumpers have only made an appearance a few times and its just overall beautiful weather. However, the germs have decided they are still going to come out and play, and play hard they are!  In recent years, I have escaped sickness actually our whole house has, I put this down to diffusing essential oils every day because prior to that we used to catch every germ floating around!  So, THIS year for some reason, maybe meno, my immune system isn’t as strong as it usually is and I have caught a cold!  I was up all bloody night with a terrible sore throat you know the one, where you just want to shove and ice cube down your throat and hope it doesn’t melt type sore throat!  My son has also got this cold and he has had a terrible cough but ore of that in a sec.  So this is what I have decided to do this morning to try and alleviate some of this scratching in my throat..

Image may contain: drink

(My photos are crap, I can’t style photos, but this is real life, and in real life I am not a photographer lol!)

I made a cup of black tea ( I am a coffee drinker not tea drinker so this is scary), I added a teaspoon of honey and 2 drops of lemon essential oil.  I haven’t done this before but I am desperate and since we live out of town I can’t just jump in the car and go get some cough drops.  Fearing the worst I had my first sip and the smell of the lemon was overpowering, now I am NOT an advocate for ingesting oils but I need to try anything with this throat, so the smell was overpowering and I was a bit scared but it actually tastes really good.  The lemon oil and honey mix together really well and the lack of dairy is actually not bothering me at all.  So lets see how effective this is, half way through my cup and I am not noticing too much difference in my throat but it may take more than one cup. I think we forget essential oils are like any other medication really, they aren’t magic potions so most times it takes a dosage before any difference will be noted, other times they work instantly, just like modern medicine!

So my next winter oily story is my son….he also has caught a bug of some sort but he managed to escape the sore throat, he has an awful cough and by cough I mean it’s relentless! Every 5 minutes he is coughing the poor kid so, yesterday it got so annoying that I got 4 different types of eucalyptus and some lemon and put them in his diffuser, I think I did 3 drops of each eucalyptus and 5 drops of lemon, then I got some Black Spruce and put that neat on his chest and back, and then I put some lemon on his throat.  Well he was well an truly oiled up and I have to say while it didn’t stop the cough altogether, its made a significant difference.  I did that routine before he went to bed and he has slept all night!

So, while oils aren’t a cure all for everything I am certainly glad I have them on hand. They have saved a lengthy wait at the doctors to get meds that probably wouldn’t work as well anyway and then half the time doctors charge $100 for a visit and then say they can’t help you anyway!  So, get diffusing guys, they make the house smell awesome and they get rid of some of the nasties!

It’s A Thrifty Life

One of my favorite things to do was thrift. My mother and I or my daughters and I would go once a week to all the thrift stores, we call them op shops in Australia.  We would pick up all sorts of cool things cheap, my daughter would get clothes for the kids, I would get vintage crockery, sometimes wool, sometimes furniture and always books.  We in the past year funds got tight and I found myself on a very strict budget and not able to do anything but pay bills and eat.

Today I decided I was sick of always being an adult and decided to go op shopping and I am glad I did. Have a look at this good haul!  I buy second hand fabric so I can use it to make girls dresses for summer. I love making upcycled dresses and mums these days are becoming more sustainable and green conscious, opting to buy clothes that are either pre-loved or made from fabric that is pre-loved.  I also LOVE old English china and have quite a collection that has been passed down from my grandmother. I get super excited when I find some in the op shops because what usually happens is the volunteers take all the good stuff before it hits the shelves. Today was an exception and I am really happy with my little, Crown Ducal, Royal Doulton, Lord Nelsons and Staffordshire dishes.  My daughter gets some of the nicest clothes for her kids and we always get some great books for the kids.  I have gotten some lovely handmade blankets for the kids beds and some good blankets for our dogs as well.

I know I used to be too proud to walk into an op shop in case someone saw me buying second had stuff. How bloody pretentious and stupid was my attitude back then.. Now I could care less who sees me. How many good things in life do we miss out on because of our pride and ego?  How many bargains have we missed, how many opportunities have we missed?  Well I can tell you I would have missed my little plates had I been too prideful to go into a used shop, and I would have spent triple the amount of money buying then anywhere else.  The books and fabric we got would have easily cost 3 – 4 times more in a shop and yet we would have once upon a time been happy to pay that.  Money is getting way to hard to come buy and we really need to start looking after what we get and being sensible with our money. Buying second hand doesn’t mean you are some pauper who can’t afford better. Buying second hand means you are an environmentally aware person who believes in sustainable living and less waste in our planet, and that is far more important that buying new, unsustainable products from China!

Internet Deception

I was taking photos of the farm yesterday afternoon for my blog to show this amazing place we live, and as I was trying to position the camera to get the ‘perfect’ shot it dawned on me, I was adding to the deception of the internet. You see what I was doing was trying to get photos of the farm to make it look like we lived on thousands of acres in the middle of nowhere (which is my dream by the way), and while I think I have done a pretty good job of that, the reality is that is not entirely accurate.  Look at these photos….

Beautiful isn’t it? I took these yesterday. Looks like we are well out in the country doesn’t it, living in the wide expanse of thousands of rural acres.  Here’s the truth….

These 2 tops pictures are from my front verandah, see all the houses that surround us.  Here’s the truth……..we live on an absolutely beautiful, near picture perfect 800 acres, 5 minutes from town, with housing estates popping up all around us.  We don’t own this place we work here, my husband is the manager of this property, yes it’s a cattle property but the owners are turning it into a housing estate. Those houses you can see, were once a part of this property.  Don’t get me wrong the photos I take of this place are real, this place is magical, but it won’t stay like this.  My whole point is that while I only show pictures of the property without the other houses in the background, it’s not showing the whole story.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the lives of other people, who 1. we don’t know, 2. we will probably never know. 3. who probably don’t give a rats about you. 4. who probably have something to sell you. and 5. probably aren’t showing the whole story of their real lives!  Everyone can smile and act online but what is going on in the background.  I gotta tell you the more I am online, the more I want to be offline because of the lies that I see, but I don’t have to be like the vast majority, I don’t have to pretend, if I am having a crap day I’m going to write about it because more often than not, I might be able to help someone else!  So, here is our life, just like the movie, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!  I will not get caught up in the deception of the internet!

Today’s Effort

So today I decided to bake my grandson a cake. He is my fifth grandchild and he is amazing. He wasn’t without his challenges when he was born, and he still has some to overcome, he has low functioning autism and he just struggled with everyday things. The only place he could handle being at is his nannees house (me) or home.  He has come a long way over the last 12 months and I am so proud of him. He is the sweetest, most caring little boy and I just love him to bits. He is also super protective of his nannee and will not have anyone saying anything bad about me, like nannee you need a hearing aid or nannee put your glasses on hahahahhaha to him, that is not ok and he makes his voice heard LOUD and clear LOL!

Today I have made this butter cake and yes it was a packet mix but super cheap!  I can’t remember the exact amount but it was under $2!  I needed to add 2 eggs, 2/3 cups of milk and 40g butter which makes this cake about $3 to make!  The last time I bought a cake from our local shop cost me $10!!!   Never again!  If any of you live where there is an Aldi supermarket, get their cake mixes they are the best I have eaten and super cheap!

Eating On A Budget

We are living in really tough times with more and more people being laid off from jobs, no jobs available, skills shortages and a culture where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Until something is done on a governmental level this situation will only get worse. The way I see it we have 2 choices – we can sit around and wait for our world to completely collapse around us OR we can learn to live with what we have and enhance it.

Money is tight in our household as with numerous other households across this country and the world. We have gotten ourselves into so much debt that our finances are heavily fatigued with us beside it.  In our house there is only one income, it’s a good income, but because of our debt factor, times are tough.  It has made me look at things differently.  It has made me sift the needs from the wants, and this had to start with the groceries, forget the health and wellness ‘thing’, because this is a ‘survival thing’.  A lot of people get way too caught up in the “is it healthy” that we ignore “can we afford that” or “do we need that”.  I am not talking to those of you who can afford every single thing you want, I am talking to the people who have very little money left after the bills are paid.

By making a few simple adjustments to the way I do food shopping I have cut our food bill nearly in half. I was shocked at this. I have stopped buying things I can easily make myself, I have stopped buying sweets, treats and expensive meats. I have gone from buying big packs of meat to the small ones and honestly, I think we eat better now and are more fulfilled than we have ever been.  I have halved our meal sizes, because at our age we don’t need to eat as much, we enjoy our food better because we aren’t gorging ourselves. We sit more comfortably, sleep is better and I find my arthritis isn’t anywhere near as bad as it used to be.  We used to eat so much food, a lot of it crap, we used to drink so much Coke and take away, that I think it was literally killing us, like being poisoned to death without knowing it.  In this country eating healthy is very expensive, take away and junk food is far cheaper, but if you plan your meals, and only buy what you need to make those meals, it become more affordable, and the best thing is you are creating minimal waste!  By eating on a budget, we eat good home cooked food, yeah it still has sugar in it and the veges aren’t organic and we eat cheaper cuts of meat that are probably grain fed not grass fed (yes we live on a farm but we don’t kill our own beef) but that’s ok, because at the end of the day this is about eating on a super tight budget, this is about survival in a society that just consumes more and more without consequence.  This is about feeding our families, not feeding our families organic, this is survival of the budget conscience.

It’s easier for me to cook on a budget because I don’t work, but the meals I do are quick and easy and can be cooked in advance.  Baking ( biscuits, cakes, slices etc)  can be done on a Sunday ready for the week. You can send your kids to school with nice home made biscuits or slice instead of store bought muesli bars etc, which cost a fortune!  When you are on a budget convenience goes down the toilet, you can’t afford to think with that mindset, convenience is cutting corners and spending more, budgeting is cutting corners and spending less. So follow along and let me show you how I have saved money in my house and still eat very well.  Let me help you to survive, because I too am surviving.

Related image


Today I am An Overcomer!

I sometimes think that I am the most ungrateful person in the world and really need a good kick in the butt.  I take for granted the amazing lifestyle I have been blessed to live, that it will always be here, that this is just the ways things are and honestly, in a world full of uncertainty that is a really stupid thing to do!  I think that we as humans have been so conditioned to bitch and complain about things that we really don’t even know what it is to be grateful. I know I definitely fall into this category and I have made the conscious decision to stop.  You see, unless we make decisions consciously, they just become more words rattling around in our brains that get pushed to the back, but to make a conscious decision, we are pushing these words to the front and really focusing on what we need to do.

As a woman of Faith I pray everyday, but even so, I get lost in all the daily crap that doesn’t quite ‘suit’ me.  As a praying woman, I should know better, but still we remain human.  Today I am grateful. As I sit in my office overlooking our bull paddock, I am grateful, even if I can see other houses around me, I am grateful, even if this farm isn’t as isolated as I would like, I am grateful, even though our bank balance is less than ordinary, I am grateful.  I make the conscious decision to be grateful for a husband who puts up with SO much crap during my midlife crisis called menopause, who hugs me when I feel like just going to sleep and never waking up, who always tells me it’s going to be ok.  I am grateful that I have fresh water to drink, fresh air in my lungs and food on the table.  We have forgotten the simple things that a tonne of people are so desperate to have.  I am grateful for a job that provides us with this amazing lifestyle and for a country where free expression is still a thing!

This week is going to be a great week, menopause can bite me because I am not going to let it win. This week I am an overcomer! This week I am a soldier and gratitude is my weapon!