Oh Ava!

What do you do when you have a child

Who is never calm but always wild

Who paints her bedroom walls with poo

What on earth am I meant to do?

She drinks the sauce straight from the bottle

Why is this kid always on full throttle?

She constantly runs, she never walks

She paints the cat and eats the chalks

The other day I couldn’t find her

She was in the chook pen, the dogs behind her.

She is the last of my tribe of four

I definitely don’t want any more.

She’s ripping out my nice pot plants

Oh now she’s taking off her pants.

I bet she’s going to lay a cable

How quickly life became unstable.

There is however a light to see

At the end of this tunnel of shit and pee

There’s only 3 more years till school

And then I’ll laze out by the pool.

Well that’s a dream I’m sure you’ve had

But reality says I’ll be very sad.

For even though she drives me nuts

She’s how God made her full of guts!

She’s not scared of life, she will have a go

But how do I teach her No means No!

Oh Ava you are my trial for sure

But I couldn’t love you any more

If you were perfect and sat quite still

Life would be easier and way more chill

But I love your spirit, my youngest child

Life would be so boring if you weren’t as wild!