I’ll Meet You AT The Pearly Gates.

This poem was written by me and inspired by a cow we lost recently giving birth, due to a prolapse.

I tried to save you, but you got stuck

I guess we both ran out of luck

My life’s been hard to say the least

And no one cares, I’m just a beast.

Our mob came in from a station west

They’d run out of food, so this was best

Our new home looked so nice and green

No rocks, no dirt, the grass was clean.

The man who wears the big brown hat

Would bring us hay so we’d get fat.

Life was good, there was no more pain

But that was short, it didn’t rain

The grass turned brown and didn’t grow

And once again we were dealt that blow.

Our tummies rumbled while we tried to feed

The calf inside who was bred for greed.

The time was here, you’re coming now

But somethings wrong, you’ve stopped somehow.

I tried to save you and give you life

But this prolapse gave me tonnes of strife

The vet just shook his head, it’s bad

The man with the hat looked on, he’s sad.

They couldn’t save you, they tried their best

But heaven will give you fun and rest.

Mumma isn’t far behind

To shoot me now is being kind

I will then no longer feel this pain,

And live where there is endless rain.

I’ll meet you at the pearly gates

Where God takes care of all his mates.