Has The World Gone Mad!

Well in the famous words of Alice herself “Have I Gone Mad”, what did I wake up into, how are we seeing this level of fear and panic in an age where we have every technological device and information at our finger tips, yet we ran out of toilet paper, the most basic of supplies. It’s interesting to note what people valued the most!

It’s a difficult time for the entire world and one has to wonder why? I am not going to get into the politics of it all because Lord knows that is the new obsession, and everyone it seems can do a better job than our leaders. What I can say is that in our household there are several things that we have wanted to put into place over the last 5 years and just never have, be it we have been too occupied, too lazy or too bored but the last couple of months have certainly given us a hurry up. We have finally started my vege garden I have been asking for for over 2 years, we nearly have the fence up so we can start digging and preparing the soil, in the meantime the dogs are having a wonderful time digging and crapping all over my soil! We have also stopped buying takeaway food and I now make everything from scratch including our bread (of course I use a bread maker so a bit of a cheat). I am going to try my hand at jam next week and as soon as my tomatoes grow I am going to make relish. It has been a great wake up call to stop wasting so much money, the amount of money we spent on food is ridiculous, mind you, to get us to this point of stocked up has literally cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars but this week was the first week we haven’t had to go to the shops to buy more food and spend a heap of money that is unnecessary. The lessons we are relearning are fascinating really, right down to just enjoying some peace and quiet and giving our brains time to rest. I lost my job this week, but we still have my husbands income, yes it will get a little tight again but we have done this before and we can do it again. I can say one thing tho, the more money you have the more you waste!

Covid-19 has made us mindful of where the things we buy are being made, in Australia we have a big movement Buy Australian Made & Owned and this is the way we have been buying for some time but we do get a little lax sometimes, this has made us even more conscious as to how we spend our money and where. We are supporting local grown and made products more now, whereas we used to just go to the supermarket for everything, now we buy as much as we can in the smaller locally grown stores even if it means driving around a bit more. ‘Support local’ is our new mantra. Life hasn’t changed drastically for us because living on a property you are semi isolated anyway, you only go to town when you need to.

My children are having a tougher time however with my son being stuck in a different state due to border restrictions as he works interstate, my daughters are finding it difficult not being able to go anywhere and take the kids out but they are adjusting. One daughter lives on a farm also so at least she has plenty to do and they are self sufficient as well. My other daughter is immume compromised so she is actually self isolated except when she has her infusions. As humans we adjust. I see SO many people all over social media whingeing and bitching about being in lockdown and not being able to do this or that, complaining how bad their leaders are doing things and everybody is a bloody expert. I think I would much rather a few months of discomfort than a lifetime of ummm DEATH! People honestly need to be less entitled!

So yes we have been effected by the virus but in more positive ways than negative (prayer has a lot to do with this also). I have lost my job but I have gained motivation to get back to basics which is the best thing for our finances and our health. Will we keep this up after this event is over? Yes I think we will, too much work and money has gone into this to stop when things get easy again, and beside, what’s the next pandemic going to look like? I predict this was a precursor and the next one will be worse. Get prepping people and save a whole lot of stress next time!

Below are some pics of the process so far, we are very blessed to be working and living on a property where the owners have heavy machinery available whenever we need it. They look after us very well!