The Farmers’ Wife

I wrote this as a dedication to all the rural women who are often overlooked and never noticed. I SEE YOU!

You’ll see her in the morning up at the crack of dawn

Making hubby breakky, and covering up her yawn

Its 5am and she’s already done the washing and the floors

And once the breakfasts’ over she’ll be running out the doors.

Where’s your lunch, grab your bag you’ll miss the bloody bus

Getting kids off to school is always such a fuss.

It’s 7.30, kids are gone and hubbys in the shed

All she wants to do today is go back to her nice bed

But the housework needs completing, and she has to go to town

Hubby needs some parts picked up, the tractor’s engine’s down.

One good thing she gets to do, that makes the trip worthwhile

Is grab a fresh brewed coffee, that always makes her smile.

The 3 hour trip back home goes fast, there’s no one on the road

Then she gets to help her hubby, with his continuous workload.

It’s bloody hot, it’s 40 plus, but there’s fencing to be done

That’s why they wear those great big hats, to protect them from the sun.

She works beside her hubby till the kids get home from school

Today they were excited, they’d been swimming at the pool.

They couldn’t wait to tell their mum how nice the pool had been

How the teachers let them stay in longer, the temperature they’d seen.

But now it’s time for arvo chores, the animals need their feed

Plus the grass needs mowing, before it goes to seed.

The chooks need feeding and put away, so the foxes cannot feast

Or they’ll kill the chooks, and eat the eggs, they’re such a dreadful beast.

We need to do a hay run, just while we wait for rain

Feeding hay is really dear, but it saves their hunger pain.

By now its dark, the chores are done it’s time to get some dinner

It’s ready when they get inside, this crock pot is a winner!

Her hubby comes in just in time as she serves him up his plate

He tells her how his days’ been big, sorry if he’s late.

She just smiles and tends to him and listens when he talks,

By this time she’s doing dishes, and wiping knives and forks.

On goes the tele so hubby can see what’s on the news today

But she just keeps on working, its just the farm wife way.

She takes a load of washing and shoves it in the dryer

Then she does some banking, and remembers they need wire

She yells out to her hubby, who by now is fast asleep

So she makes the online order, late hours does she keep.

Her face is getting older, and her skin is baring lines

Her hands are sore from fencing, but she never ever whines.

She has a natural beauty, that forever gets ignored

Her heart is huge, her smile is bigger, she’s a woman who’s unflawed.

She chose this life, or maybe she didn’t, maybe it was birth right,

But if it ever came to losing it, she’s the first one in to fight.

A farmer’s wife is not for most, we would run for miles away

These women are amazing, there’s nothing more to say.

The strength of rural women is a quality most don’t know

You think life’s tough, but do you know, until you’ve had a go.

You try and watch your livestock dying, while waiting on the rain,

It’s a grief that’s helpless, magnified, because of their great pain.

But for rural women like my friend this is a way of life

My greatest admiration goes to the rural farmers wife!